Thursday, 10 November 2016

Catching the Light

Well, I've been slacking off on the sunrise thing again ... more like sleeping.
But just for you, here is something I prepared earlier.

By prepared earlier, I mean took the other week.

As always it was a nice way to spend the early hours of my morning.

I tell you what, I'm not sure about this always working thing. It really messes with my sunrise and sunset photo taking, not to mention taking anything any other time of day. But I am glad to have the work!

I do think however, that I could do with finding some new spots to visit. Shake it up a bit.

The best part about this trip down to the Esplanade was that the net fishermen had snuck out to see what they could get.

Oh, and there was a pretty sky, of cause.

I love watching things like this. Net fishing isn't something I'd seen until I came north. Now I hope to see it most times I head to the water front, but it isn't that common.

This fella had his sea gull groupies hanging around, waiting for any tidbits that didn't meet the fisherman's needs.

This, I recall, was a lovely morning. Cool enough to be refreshing.
Summer has certainly arrived over the last week or so though. Warm to hot from morning through to night and back to morning. Humidity is making a run for it and it tries to build for rain or storms most days. Another reason the sunsets aren't really happening around here.

We are supposed to be in for a good wet season over Summer. Fingers crossed, although I am sure we will all be whinging about the constant rain when it arrives. There is also supposed to be a average to higher than average cyclone season. Now that will bring in the rain. For a place with the line 'city in a garden' on the sign, the 'garden' could do with some watering. The streets and yards around town are certainly browning off. I know ours is just a bit crunchy underfoot.

 So I am on the count down until I see family. It will be crazy, I am sure, but always worth it. So excited! I have noticed this year that I have become a lot more settled, not so up and down, about seeing family. Not that I still don't miss seeing them all the time and being there for events, it has just become easier to deal with. I still have my moments. I just try and enjoy what I can get.

 Just like I enjoy moments like this, watching a man and his golden net trying to catch the light ... I mean fish.

And try to enjoy the little things around me. Although recently I have been getting bogged down in daily life.

Unfortunately, much to this fellows relief, I ran out of battery in my camera. Mind you I had been taking photos for a while.

 How is the weather looking at your place?
Have you seen anything interesting lately?

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Railway and Mountains

Thursday last week, after work, I took the long way home, the scenic route.

Basically it was nowhere near being on the way home, the wrong direction for a start. It was nice though, to have an evening drive and just relax.

Other than work, nothing much has been happening around here. Completely uninteresting blog wise to be honest. That is unless you wish me to yabber on about the lack of housework getting done and the washing I have to do every evening so I have a uniform and the fact that cooking dinner seems just too hard.

I told you, completely uninteresting.

But hey, work has to be done and money is always good. They do say it makes the world go round. Well I don't know about that but it certainly pays the bills and feeds us.

It reminds me of how hard it was when we first moved here. Mr Sparky was an apprentice and I had to take what I could get job wise. A few years later all the job applying has pretty much paid off, finally, and Mr Sparky is qualified and looking at going out on his own. So much has happened in the last few years.

It i amazing how fast things go and how much they change and yet don't.

And here I am, still taking photos of the region. Although admittedly not so enthusiastically at the moment.

At the moment this blog feels like it has hit a standstill. I wonder about what to do with it. 
What do you like about it or think I could do to improve?
But then maybe it is just me and that end of year worn-out-ness or feeling the need to mix it up a bit.

Meanwhile I am going to keep heading out and taking photos and working. 
Well taking photos when I'm not worn out from working and am sleeping instead.

I hope have a great week!

Grab button for one mother hen

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Moody Esplanade

Earlier this week I spent a bit of time down near the Esplanade so I made sure I took a few snaps before heading home.

After lots of clear weather the sky was a bit moody that day. In fact earlier I had bounced out of bed, pre sunrise, thinking I would finally head out to take some sunrise pics only to find that it was cloudy. Disappointing.

Anyway, the moody skies made for a different look down on the Esplanade. It won't be too long until this is the regular look of the place with wet season coming up over summer.

For now though, our spring weather has been not too bad. Nice breezes and sunshiny days. And despite jumping on the air con wagon at night a few weeks ago, we've gone back to enjoying the natural cooling breezes from outside.

Life is seeming to be a bit hectic at the moment with work, work, work. I am pretty sure we wouldn't have it any other way though. We like being busy however it would be nice to get some of the housework done. Hmmm maybe I should be doing that rather than blogging.

I can't believe Christmas is coming up so soon. Where has the year gone?

We are hoping to get away and visit family, meaning my family, for the first Christmas in far too many years. Fingers crossed on that one.

Until then I have a family visit to the north to look forward to, yay!

Do you find this a hectic time of year?
Where do you think the year went?

Friday, 21 October 2016

Through the Sugar Cane

It has been a while since I've chased a sunrise or sunset.

I've been too busy going from job to job or just wanting to go home on my nights off.

Last week I attempted a sunset, it looked like a nice evening for it.

So after work I headed a bit further south to find some sugar cane and watch the sky change.

It is the middle of sugar cane harvest so there is a mixture of new regrowth, new plantings and older cane waiting for harvest. The sugar mills are working hard and cane trains and trucks are on the move.

I think I need to find some time to find some cane harvesting. I feel I am missing this season completely and I do find it interesting.

 So now it is time for me to don my uniform yet again and head off to work.

Enjoy your Friday, I know I can't wait for mine to end.

And if I don't drop in before then, have a great weekend!

I am hoping for a relaxing one.