Friday, 18 May 2018

One year on ...

 I haven't blogged much over the last 12 months or so, I guess the little munchkin may have a lot to do with it. It hasn't been just that though, life has seemed to be so much more grit than giggles, grit that I'm not sure I've wanted to share or maybe it is that I figure all grit isn't anyone's cup of tea. I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer. I've missed it, blogging that is, yet I haven't. Then again I have shared a lot of pretty squares over in Instagram to fill the void.

Over the last year I could have written of the tiredness, the mundane, about the child who didn't want to sleep, the screaming, of the feeding issues, about banging my head against a brick wall in regards to finding out why my child was so unhappy, about my health issues, about waiting for appointments, of vomit, of tears and so much more. Some of this may come to the fore yet, but then it may not. Maybe I should have shared, it could have been cathartic, it could have helped.

It hasn't all been bad though, far from it (although some days I look back and feel it was a lot more bad than it should have been). I could have also shared about the fabulous women and mothers I have met, about family trips, of the giggles, smiles, firsts, of going back to work, of the friendships, activities and love. I guess I just couldn't put my heart into it though. Maybe I still will or maybe that chapter is done and dusted. The thing is though that parenting, I have found is all of that. The good and the bad, the grit and the giggles. 

Funnily enough, when I first started this blog this was what I had in mind. I was sharing the grit and giggles of daily life on a station but more to the point hoping to share the grit and giggles of working with the children I did. I figured that it might carry over into the grit and giggles of my own family. There has just seemed to be a tropical hiatus in there, but then that has been part of my life too. I've thought, maybe if I start again, a new space to share the heart might come back to it but then I am rather attached to the name and really what I want this blog to be hasn't changed that much, just the location. Anyway a post about what I have learned over this past twelve months is now changing into a description of what this space is about. Maybe that isn't a bad thing though, to remind myself what this space is about so that I want to use it again. Or maybe I just need a cooler alliterated name ( non alliterated). I fear my brain has turned to too much mush for that though.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

And then he was ... ONE

 "When I was one, I had just begun." A.A. Milne

How true this is and yet how much life and growing has been packed into 12 months.
How did this happen? How is it that our squishy newborn is now a chubby, mischievous one year old? (also how is it that he is now thirteen months old an I am only just getting around to writing this?)


One year old and what a character he has become. We always thought he would be a busy, mischief maker and he certainly is that, and so much more. Our little (not so little) outdoor loving, tomato munching, chicken loving, chubby, chatterbox got to celebrate his birthday on two days (not that he really cared less). 


He received gifts and a cake made by his uncle on his birthday and then all the good stuff (mummy and granny's food making) came out on Saturday for a relaxed morning tea with his mates, mothers group, and the people who have been our village over the last twelve months. 

He loved playing, wouldn't sit still for a photo and didn't like the cake. A pretty successful 1st birthday, if I do say so myself. 

Our little munchkin has certainly grown and changed over the last few months and I can see the final vestiges of babyhood slipping away and a little boy emerging, and a little boy he certainly is. Some things haven't changed like his love for chasing the chooks around, although these days he is fast enough to lay a hand on them quite regularly. The poor dears tolerate it quite well and haven't lost feathers too him, yet.


So my little possum ...
We've certainly learned and grown together over the last twelve months. You may have "just begun" but you certainly entered this world with a bang and embraced it, exploring everything around you. There have been sleepless nights and sleepy cuddles, worries and joyful giggles. You have fit so much into your first year from camping trips to a beach holiday, from flying to driving, from farm to city and the middle of nowhere.

You are definitely more vocal in your likes and dislikes theses days and they are wide a varied too. It is now a guessing game for mummy and daddy as to what it is you want or are complaining about. You surprise us all the time with new things you can do. 
Here are some of the infinite (sometimes quirky) things we know (and love) about you:
You love so many things like cars and trucks and all things wheels. You'll always eat the cherry tomatoes on your plate, a food that has definitely superseded cheese, and it is hit and miss whether you will eat sandwiches and toast. You will pretty much eat anything we give you, especially if it involves pasta. You like your cows milk "bot bot" when mummy goes to work at night and only have boobie morning, noon and night now. Unpegging washing from the clothes horse and just play with pegs in general keeps you entertained for ages. You also love collecting random things from cupboards and draws to play with, particularly from the kitchen. You still love power points, remotes, keys and anything else we don't want you to play with and disagree strongly when we have other ideas about you playing with them.You have a variety of music you like to listen to from 'The Duck Song' to 'Lay It All On Me', 'Cats In The Cradle', 'Take Me Home, County Roads' and 'Shut Up And Dance'. Your happy place is outside and so understandably you absolutely love going camping. You've been quite a few times in your young life, the latest being to Emu Creek just before your birthday. 

You have picked up on daddy's game of "duck. duck, goose" and love bopping people on the head, loudly proclaiming "duck, duck, duck". You can do a good monkey impersonation like daddy too. You also like to put your finger in your mouth then pull it out and say "ahhh". No idea how that one started. You also know the pattern to eating then hand washing, sticking your hands out to be washed when we go for the washer and you request to get out of the bath and know that the plug has to come out and the we need your towel. Actually that is something you don't seem to like so much these days but maybe you are just too busy to waste time in a bath. You still love swimming lessons and going under the water but the dots haven't connected yet when it comes to kicking. You like waving "bye, bye" or "later", not just to people you know but to complete strangers in the shops.

You like building towers with the mega blocks and can do it yourself with the single ones. You also love putting toys in things, throwing balls, putting balls in the ball run and playing with kitchen things. You are often content to play alone but you prefer it if someone sits down on the floor with you.

You are able to stand up while not holding on and have started to occasionally try taking a step or two. You have twelve, yes 12!!!, teeth. You try using forks and spoons but they usually get abandoned for fingers. You can say a fair few words like Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandad, Great Grandad, cow, star, dog, fish, see you "later", bye bye, truck, car, this and duck. You mostly sleep through the night and if you wake up it is only once in the middle of the night, looking for your dummy.

You can be so serious and give the best stare when seeing new people or ones you aren't sure of but you can also be so open and happy to cuddle and play. You are often unsure of the unfamiliar but sometimes surprise us by just going for it. 

You are our ratbag, our possum, our mischief maker.
We can't imagine life without you.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Christmas 2017

Last year Christmas was loud and boisterous. This year it was quiet and sleepy.
Last year a tiny boy (not that we knew he was a boy) was snuggled up inside me. This year a very active little boy was on the move and into mischief.

We have made the decision to do one year there one year here when it comes to family Christmases. We are too far apart to do both. I know though that I will always wish I was there but what I have here is nice too.

This was our little Possum's first Christmas and at nearly 9 months old, things are fun to look at and get into but the unknown is also a little scary, or should I say Santa was a bit scary.

 We went to the Community Health Christmas party in the park and to Daddy's work Christmas Party too. Our little man even gate crashed the spread at Mummy's work just before Christmas.
 We did the Santa photo thing and I thought is might be a screaming mess, like the first Santa experience, but it wasn't. The mechanised display was way more interesting than Santa himself, although he wasn't too bad, from a distance.
 There were decorations hung and more photos of our little elf. Hard to think that the tree I posed him with (mind you who poses a 8.5mth old on the move, hilarious) was the same one I took a photo with a pair of booties in front of, that wouldn't even fit him now. There was a Christmas tree erected on the coffee table, out of reach of little fingers, and last minute Christmas shopping.
Mr Sparky insisted on some photos mucking around with a Santa hat. We never got as far as photos with me, or a family photo, pretty usual around here. Might have to just do the tripod thing and take my own.

Christmas day saw paper torn (mostly by our little Possum and mostly after the present was open) and new toys played with. It left our bellies full of roast meat and salad along with generous amounts of nibbles and it shared naps all around for the afternoon.

And oh, look, I did find some Christmas day photos of the little possum and me, selfies of cause.

The day ended beautifully and lazily, with a gorgeous sky and not too much effort put into dinner.
And then it was done, Christmas 2017. We laid our still weary heads down to sleep and dream of actually getting to sleep through the night (fat chance).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

6 Months!

How it has flown.

So fast in fact that we've nearly made it to 7 months.

I have to say, I've found things rather challenging over the last few months but I dare say our little Mr has too. He seems permanently frustrated with what he can't do, most of all with his lack of ability to move around the floor. It will come my boy, it will come.

Our not so little possum (sorry, but I think you are more of a wombat) has tipped the scales at 10.5kg and even though he measured 68.6cm I swear he is growing longer every day. He has almost grown out of 0 clothes, this up-sizing clothing business seems never ending. It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that just over 6 months ago, he was on the inside.

So my little wombat ...
We've learned so much about you and yet we are still clueless. Sometimes we wish for the days when you will be able to tell us what is going on in that head of yours yet it is hard to see the days slipping past as you change all the time. You've spent a lot of the last couple of months frustrated or upset or crying or screaming about something or other but it hasn't been all bad.

You love the outdoors, water and food in no particular order. Ok so that is a lie, food is always top of the list.
You love your Mummy and Daddy and really don't like it when Mummy is out of sight, or even a few steps away. Sorry Daddy, but I think Mummy is at the top of the list too, but then that probably circles back to food.  

You've still got just two teeth but I swear you have pretty much been teething for the two months since you got your first teeth. Everything goes in your mouth. You've given biting Mummy a go while having booby but that didn't last long. I feel you will know the word NO well as you grow up. You've been eating a meal of solids, most days, for the last two months. Your favourites are puree apple and puree sweet potato. You still wake one or more times most nights and want fed back to sleep. You love your 3 day sleeps, about 1-1.5hrs each.

You are becoming a well traveled babe. You've been camping a couple of times and flown south to visit family as well as visiting friends and family on the Tablelands. You've added another place to the list of where you've been, Townsville and Magnetic Island. You had many more new experiences while there like going on a boat, swimming at the beach and watching fish at the aquarium. You also got to see some family while there. It was amazing that you remembered your Granny, Aunt and Uncle when you saw them. You loved playing with them, helping Granny crochet and having cuddles. Since then anyone wearing glasses is familiar (even strangers) because you think they are Granny or Uncle S.

For the most part you happily socialise with others, smiling at people in the shops, playing at 'move baby move' and having cuddles with anyone who will give them, just as long as mummy is in sight. I am pretty sure the Mums and babies at our little mothers group are considered familiar to you and that you like seeing them, or maybe you just like going out. You've know these people, who we met at community health, for so much of your young life and Mummy loves catching up with them and the safe place they are to share things. They have become our village.

You've pretty much mastered sitting and prefer to do that rather than lay on the floor. You are trying to move using your hands and knees and you spend a lot of time rocking. We can see the frustration and the uh-huh moments. Sometimes you've got it and sometimes you seem to have forgotten.
You love hitting everything, maybe to see how it sounds or feels. You are also a big sticky beak, wanting to look at everything with that inquisitive stare you have. Exploring every little bit of your world is top of your to do list.

You chuck tantrums when things aren't going your way like when you go in the pram or when a toy (or Mum's camera strap) won't do what you want. You are fascinated by mouths and hair, Mummy's hair is so fun when it moves all over the place when she shakes it. The jolly jumper is one of your favourite places to play ... you bounce, bounce, bounce. You love music with a definite beat and sing along in the car. You also have started humming to put yourself to sleep. You also love your weekly swimming lessons, getting excited when you know where we are going. It is no surprise considering how much you love bath time, your favourite time of the day. You also love squealing and laughing at the baby in the mirror when you have a bath.

We love seeing your eyes sparkle, seeing you smile and listening to you giggle.
You have grown and changed so much over the last 6months and I know the next 6 will seeing you changing and learning so much more.


Friday, 1 September 2017

Smokin' Pyramid

The middle of last week, when I was driving home from in town (not that I can remember why I was in there), baby Possum had fallen asleep and the Pyramid was smokin' so I took a little detour.

I'm not sure how far it got in newsworthyness but the burning off of Walsh's Pyramid certainly made the news here.

There were even some people from other areas convinced it was a 'for real' volcanic eruption.
Haha, the jokes.

Anyway, I didn't see it that day but noticed it the next day.

Walsh's Pyramid definitely wasn't looking volcanic anymore but the smoke was still pretty impressive.

This is the time of year for controlled burning off around here, before it gets too hot and before the hot weather and pre wet season arrives when storms might do the job, resulting in big fires and lots of damage.

That is what this smoke display was from, a controlled burn of the national park. A clean up you could say. Actually, I haven't seen them burn off the Pyramid since I moved here so it has been a few years (unless I missed it).

It was nice to have the excuse of an only just fallen asleep baby to so a bit of driving around. He had missed his sleep after all and no one likes a sleep deprived baby.

At the moment we are in the middle of the cane season so there are trains and harvesting everywhere. Not that I have seen much because I haven't been gallivanting around the countryside this year.

The sugar cane is a varying ages, some newly harvested, some not long planted, some regrowing and some still waiting its turn.

It won't be long until the heat of summer is here so it is nice to get the chance to enjoy the cooler weather while we can. Mind you as said in a discussion this morning with Mr Sparky about enjoying seasons "there aren't really seasons here just summer and hot summer" 😁. Not quite true but close enough, we have been having some cooler nights and mornings after all.